Hello and welcome to my website

I’m Juliet…

…and I’m delighted to now be published by Orion. I write historical novels about women determined to support their families, while fulfilling their own creative ambitions at a time when being female meant you were not expected to have any ambition at all.

Much of my inspiration comes from the stories of the women in my own family. One of my most vivid memories from my childhood is being told about my great-grandmother rocking her baby’s cradle with her foot as she made nails in a workshop in the back yard to keep the family afloat. Her daughter, my grandmother, worked as a cook in a big country house before she married and was determined to make sure her own five daughters (including my mum) had a good education so they would always be able to financially support themselves – especially after my grandfather disappeared to Australia in a (painfully unsuccessful!) attempt to find gold, leaving the family practically destitute.

I’ve always been very aware of how much I owe to the dogged determination of such women, of which there were so many. Their stories are utterly fascinating – and certainly never ‘ordinary’.

I hope you enjoy looking round my website. You can learn more about my books, along with links to connect with me on social media – I love hearing from my readers!