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I’m Juliet…

…I write historical novels about independent-minded women, determined to overcome the expectations of the time into which they were born, and to find love and fulfilment on their own terms.

I am so excited that my new book, The Secret Daughter of Venice, is published by Storm Publishing.

The novel is a complete stand alone, but if you have read The Shakespeare Sisters, also published by Storm, it follows the story of Kate, the not-quite-sister. Kate is a passionate artist, with fragments of memory of a childhood spend amongst the warmth of Italy, before she was torn from her mother’s arms to be brought to the faded grandeur of Arden House, near Stratford-upon-Avon. Working with orphaned children during WW2 leads Kate to Naples, and finally to Venice, where the secrets of her past are waiting… But will what she finds have the power to destroy the only family she knows?

In St Mark's Square when I was 10
Feeding the pigeons in St Mark’s Square when I was ten.

Much of the story was inspired by visits to Venice, including as a child, when my family embarked across Europe in an elderly, and not-always-reliable, VW camper van. The magic of the city on water has never left me, and it was the perfect setting for Kate to find her feet as an artist and, with the help of like-minded young women, to live life on her own terms, whatever that might bring….

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