The White Camellia

I’m excited to announce that ‘The White Camellia’ is finished, and will be published

September 15th 2016 by Honno Press!

The paperback is up for pre-order on Amazon, but not yet the kindle edition.

It will also be available from the Honno website

In 1909, the White Camellia ladies’ tearooms were one of the first places women could go alone without causing scandal, and where both the suffrage, and early suffragette, movements could grow.

Bea has lost everything after her father’s bankruptcy. The family has to leave Tressillion in Cornwall, to live in London, and everyone expects Bea to rescue her mother and sister by marrying her wealthy cousin. A chance visit to the White Camellia opens new worlds to her, as she finds herself drawn into the suffrage campaign. But can she follow her heart without betraying her family?

Sybil, who has made her fortune in America, buys the Tressillion estate and is determined to reopen the goldmine that killed Bea’s father and brother. Why does she hate Bea’s family? Who is the man watching her?

The secrets of Tressillion will eventually force Bea and Sybil together. Both threatened by a terrible danger, will they be enemies or allies?