Juliet Greenwood has always been a bookworm and a storyteller, writing her first novel (a sweeping historical epic) at the age of ten. She is inspired by the history of the women in her family. Her great-grandmother was a nail maker near Birmingham while, as a seventeen-year-old, her mother escaped from Paris at the outbreak of WW2, with her ferry across the English Channel narrowly escaping a German submarine.

After studying at Lancaster University and Kings College, London, Juliet worked at a variety of jobs, including creating puppet shows with underprivileged children and collecting oral histories of traditional villages before they are lost forever. She finally achieved a publishing contract following a debilitating viral illness, with her first novel being a finalist for The People’s Book Prize and her first two novels reaching #4 and #5 in the UK Kindle store.

Juliet now lives in a traditional cottage in Snowdonia, North Wales, set between the mountains and the sea, with an overgrown garden (good for insects!) and a surprisingly successful grapevine. She can be found dogwalking in all weathers, camera to hand.