Eden’s Garden Locations – Cornwall

(St Ives, The Lizard and Coverack all appear in the book)

I loved my research for ‘Eden’s Garden’!

I lived in London for years, and I still go back regularly. Plus I love Dickens’ novels. So that part of the story was relatively easy to research. The gardens were easy, too: my cottage in Wales is only an hour’s drive from Portmeirion and Brondanw, and I pass Brondanw gardens on my way to visit my family.

So it was the Cornwall part that was the real challenge. I love Cornwall and Devon, but I hadn’t been down there for a few years. In the true spirit of adventure, I packed myself and my dog into a slightly ancient Romahome (a mini campervan, and the coolest thing on four wheels, though I say it myself) and set off on a grand tour of the Cornish and Devon coasts. After staying with friends near St Austell for a few days, we went to the Lizard, camping at Coverack, where Carys and David stay, and along the south coast. The most spectacular campsite was above St Ives, looking straight out over the sea.

In fact, we made almost the same journey as Carys and David, only the other way around, ending up in St Ives. Where we celebrated sitting on the harbour, with the tastiest plate of fish and chips imaginable.

Emily the campervan has sadly since succumbed to age and extreme rust, but the tent is aired and ready and waiting …..