We That Are Left

‘We That Are Left’ is set in Cornwall, Anglesey and France during the First World War. It is the story of Elin, a lonely and frustrated young wife, who in 1914 is living a privileged, conventional existence on the Cornish coast. Like many women of the time, Elin finds herself taking her husband’s place running the family estate during the war, gaining new skills and confidence and a sense of purpose as she uses her passion for baking to make the most of the fruit and vegetables in Hiram Hall’s kitchen garden to help local families and a nearby hospital for the wounded. But the horrors are never far away, and when a friend is in danger, Elin sets out on a desperate rescue mission through war-torn France, braving mortar fire and enemy soldiers along the way. When the war is finally over, Elin finds herself expected to return to being a dutiful, self-effacing wife. But her experiences have changed Elin forever, and her own battle for happiness and self-fulfilment have just begun…

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